Apr. 14th, 2017 08:33 am
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I'm hoping the mass migration will include some potters and ceramic artists who like to discuss, inspire, and show their work. I claimed this community name in the beginning so it could be a place for all ceramics people. I stopped posting because it seemed mainly to be me, and I didn't want a community for just my work.

Let's get this thing going!

I lived near Cambridge (UK) for 16 years, and now in Silicon Valley for nearly three. I'm gearing up for my first Open Studio participation on this side, and wondering how much stuff to make. My style is deliberately wonky, so not really mass market appeal, but I'm hoping to find interested people out there, a few at a time.

Date: 2017-04-14 04:21 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] synecdochic
Oooh, I saw this community go by and wondered why I'd never thought to go looking for a ceramics comm! My wife [personal profile] sarah and I take classes at Baltimore Clayworks...

Date: 2017-04-14 04:42 pm (UTC)
synecdochic: torso of a man wearing jeans, hands bound with belt (Default)
From: [personal profile] synecdochic

Throwing! I run into a ton of problems because I'm disabled -- I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which means that my body doesn't produce collagen properly and all my joints are very unstable and hypermobile and dislocate at the drop of a hat. So working around that is a bit of a pain sometimes. Fortunately, the teachers at Clayworks are all very good at trying to work out alternate ways of doing things that don't put too much strain on my joints!

(I subluxated a finger once at class and everybody else was horrified and falling over themselves to see if I was okay, while my wife just kept working on her wheel. "It's not that I'm heartless, I just know what she sounds like when it's an actual problem versus when it's just her body being stupid again," she said.)


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